State of Origin Game 2

New South Wales Vs Queensland
21 June 2017, 8pm.

After the Shock demolishment of Queensland (Qld) by the New South Wales (NSW) team on Qld soil, what is going to happen in this game? NSW’s youth and game plan was second to none, which has forced 7, yes 7 changes to Qld.

Let’s take a look into this all important game.

New South Wales, 1-0-0.

A glimpse to possibly the future of NSW and Easily the best 80 minutes of a NSW team in the last decade. Coach Daley’s game plan was executed to the absolute best. Each player stood tall and grew a foot and it must be said, there wasn’t a bad player wearing a sky blue jersey.
Man of the Match, A. Fifita, well what can be said about this man? He had spiders on him and absolutely torn Qld middle apart. With his combination/understanding with J. Maloney they scored a magnificent try. Fifita has finally paid his penance for last year indiscretions and is playing with a clear head. We are extremely excited to see how he goes this game and if Qld can negate him.

The other Man we are excited to see is M. Pearce. He was playing his best game in his Origin career when he was hit by W. Chambers shoulder. This saw him being helped from the field and not allowed to return. With his form/desperation at club level, we really want to see him at his best again. For us his kicking wasn’t the best, but was improving on the big stage. If he can nail his first/second kicks he will only grow again. It’s potentially his night to shine and lead his state to victory, something he hasn’t been able to do yet.

Qld Be Alert:
With A. Fifita dominating game 1, don’t be too focused on only him. Expect NSW to see the first few hit ups and understand the tactics they will use to slow him. Expect if they rush him, for Fifita to deliver early ball to his halves and opening Qld edges up. If NSW can combat the slow ruck again and keep the speed up, Qld will struggle again.

For us, the cat is out of the bag and NSW will play almost identically as they have managed to select the same 17 people. It’s their game to lose, with only 80 minutes between them and a new era brewing.

Queensland, 0-0-1.

A massive shock to the Qld faithful as, well, NSW did a Qld on Qld in Qld. The middle third was destroyed by the younger legs of NSW and the Bench just blew the ageing rooster of Qld. Nsw was able to target C. Cronk when it was late in the tackle count, due to Milfords inability to be a precise kicker and C. Smith had his hands full in the middle of the ground.
This issue will be greatly reduced by J. Thurston pulling on his boots for this game. His short kicking game and club mates on his edge for defensive work and attack, adds a whole new dimension to Qld. He also adds a short passing game that is second to none, with G. Cooper riding shot gun, it’s a danger to be watched.

It has gone from focusing on one player to now 3. With arguably the greatest Full back ever also coming back in for Qld, B. Slater.

B. Slater completes the Qld immortal spine from the last 10 years. He will have the timing that Boyd didn’t in attack for game 1 and is a better defender. Adding to the revitalised team, he can organise the middle third to a higher standard. Just his presence will buy more time for Cronk, Smith and Thurston to try and create their magic for a Qld win.

NSW Be Alert:
A small kink in NSW defensive efforts was J. Hayne. W. Chambers has been purposely moved to his side to use his speed vs Hayne. It’s a big miss match for Qld, they will design a few plays to catch him out. If they can exploit him, they will be able to put a few tries down his side.

For us, it’s been a real pleasure watching this Qld Spine over the years. This is the greatest test they have had to date, their response is worth the price of admission alone.


Traditionally this time of year in Sydney the grounds are slippery at night, luckily so far it’s a clear day and partially cloudy at best in the evening.
This will keep the game tighter than the first game and will help Qld immensely.

Team News (final team lists released an hour before game time)

New South Wales
For the first time since 1995, NSW have named the same team in consecutive games.

After years of “sticking and picking” a second consecutive defeat (1st loss game 3 2016, 18-14) forced the Qld selectors to make massive changes. Seven in fact, so take a breath, here we go:

The Outs: A. Milford, C. Oates, J. O’Neill, S. Thaiday, N. Myles, A. Guerra and J. Lillyman.

The IN’s: B. Slater,J. Thurston, V. Holmes, C. Hess, T. Glasby, J. Wallace and G. Cooper.

What we take from this?

The new look Queensland is a Quantium leap from Game 1. The Immortal spine is reunited, the forwards are in form and the bench looks to be a ripper. The NSW team will have to be more aware of more trick shots now, rather than focusing its defensive structures around Cronk.

What we like about the NSW team is they know now that they can win, they have the players to compete and structures to defuse this lethal Qld team. If they can replicate their game 1 form, no Qld team could stop them.

For us, in this pressure cooker game, Qld should win in this arena with the team changes made. Their team is more balanced and now can strike from ever part of the park.
The line started at +5.5 and now into +3.5, we are expecting this to come in even further to 2/2.5.
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Cronulla Sharks Vs Melbourne Storm
8 June 2017, 7:50pm (AEST)
Southern Cross Group Stadium

The second replay of last years grand final and a mini state of origin rematch is awaiting the eager fans of the NRL. Can the Sharks Shut out the Storm again? Or will the Storm get its revenge away from home? Needless to say, it’s going to be a Bobby Dazzler!!!

Cronulla Sharks, 9-0-3, 2nd.

Blink and you have missed their start to the season, nothing flash but they have built a “Blue Wall” to rival the Great Wall of China.

The Sharks had the round off last week, which was excellent for the Origin players, allowing full recover and mental preparation for this week’s block buster. We are still yet to see the Sharks replicate their attacking prowess of last year, however they have maintained the defensive structures the best to date. They have conceded a measly 154 points from 12 rounds, an average of 12.84 a game, making them the best team in this category. This is traditionally how you win premierships and there is a growing belief that this team could go “back to back” premiership winners.

Their game style of grinding teams down has allowed them to get away with not scoring a great deal of points. Unbelievably only 227 points to date, the 5th “worst” attacking team, with an average of 18.91 per game. Confusing for the younger generation who are in love with Try Scorers and fancy plays. The Sharks have this ability, however are still a tad off from piling on the points. It could be attributed to a new Full back and Hooker and to be fair, they lost two very influential players in those spots.

For us, watch the forwards battle. There is a genuine building hatred/rivalry between these two clubs and both forwards don’t mind a bit of “chatting/sledging” on the park. Add in the recent NSW victory to add a bit more Fire as the Origin players try to step up another level.
Melbourne Storm, 10-0-2, 1st.

The Purple machine just keeps on rolling, reminding the competition that they are the Bench mark once again through 13 rounds in 2017.

Last round it was a “contact training run” vs a Newcastle Knights team that didn’t stand a chance and allowed the Storm to rest C. Smith. In recent trips to AAMI park, the Knights have caused an upset. However the Storms fans were put at ease just two minutes in with S. Vunivalu crossing for a try. By the 17th minute it was 16-0, a lucky/unlucky decision for the Knights saw their momentum stopped by a forward pass, the Storm looked comfortable at Half Time 16-6.
Any chance of a come back was quickly squashed with some Slater magic in the 43rd minute. The game was beyond the Knights by the 62nd minute, down 36-6, which allowed C. Cronk an early shower. Slater was outstanding, another reminder to Qld selectors that maybe he should be in the team.

The Storm Averages 23.16 in attacking points (4th best) and are the second best team in defending, only allow on average 14.75 in defence. They will need to score close to 18 points to beat the Sharks this round.

For us, like the Sharks, the forwards won’t back down and with C. Smith rested, he will be chomping at the bit to get revenge for this years defeat at his home ground. He won’t back down, especially if P. Gallen is “chatting” to him all match.


It’s going to be clearing from thunder storms, from the last two days, this will make the forwards battle even more important. Keeping the game to the middle third of the ground and limiting scoring chances.

Stats that matter:

Games vs Top 8 Won/Loss – Sharks, 6 games, 4/2, Storm 4 games, 3/1
Possession Average – Sharks 51%, Storm 48%
Completion rate – Sharks 74%, Storm 76%
Average run meters – Sharks 1,648m, Storm 1,541m
Average Errors – Sharks 12, Storm 11

Team news: (Final team lists released an hour before the game)

Cronulla Sharks

All 4 NSW players return and J. Segeyaro is a slight chance to return after he broke his arm vs the last time these two teams met.

Melbourne Storm

C. Smith is a Massive In for the Storm, with B. Smith dropping out of the team, suggesting C. Smith isn’t injured or is going to play through this pain. Coach Bellamy has gone for the size of J. McLean to start, pushing Glasby and Griffin onto the bench.

Both teams have gone for large bench positions, once again both coaches expecting a tight middle third game.

Their last 5 game report card:
Cronulla Sharks won 3 games, once at Southern Cross Group stadium.
Melbourne Storm won 2 games, once at Southern Cross Group Stadium.

2017 – Round 6 – Sharks won by 9 at AAMI Park.
2016 – Grand Final – Sharks won by 2 at ANZ stadium.
2016 – Round 26 – Melbourne won by 20 at AAMI Park.
2016 – Round 4 – Sharks won by 8 at Southern Cross Group Stadium.
2015 – Round 23 – Storm won by 28 at Southern Cross Group stadium.

What we take from this?

Both teams will be up for this game, the Storm rested their captain with an eye on this game after their loss in Melbourne earlier in the year. The Sharks were lucky with the week off allowing their stars to recover well before this clash.
We are expecting fire works as this “Modern day Rivalry” enters another chapter into the history books.
The Storm will need to hit their average in attack, as their last 4 matches vs the Sharks they have been held too 2, 12,26 and 6. Losing 3 out of those games being held to 12 or less.

For Us the statistics that stand out for the Sharks to win is their average possession rate and average run meters. The Sharks with the week off also is a plus, really allowing the coaching staff to dial into this game and get their structures in place.

Another cracking game awaits, Sharks win in a close encounter.

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