Welcome to Multisports

Multisports is a punting group with a difference. We WIN. Alot.  We use a variety of different betting systems custom tailored to each individual member to suit their budget and availability, from our Challenge System (most risky) to our Unit System (safest) we make sure you know how to wager and keep profiting.  We can proudly say we have the highest NRL, AFL and MLB win ratio in Australia and have been declared the “AUS #1 TIPPERS” for 2015, something we are very proud of and looking to take that title again in 2016.

 Here are Multisports we do everything for you, we analyse the tips, we find you the best odds, we get you the best deals with your bookies and we also help you with everything else there is to know about betting. For 6 years now Multisports has been providing its members with profits and things aren’t slowing down, Signup with us now and let us help you achieve your dreams.

We have also begun to review almost every other online tipping service.  By doing this we are able to tell you who is making their members money and who is all talk.  Reviewing all other online tipping services also allows us to take into consideration tips that we may of missed or though there was no value in and if we find value then we analyse them and send them out to our members.  Along with this we also have worked out a few different ways to take advantage of bookie promos to make yourself RISK FREE PROFITS!  This is included in our normal subscription and is an easy way to make easy risk free profits each week.

We’ve also won our Bankroll Challenge already this year (Feb 2016) netting our members over $62,000! For more information on the Bankroll Challenge which aims to turn your $100 into THOU$AND$, please click on the logo below to be redirected to our facebook page.

multisports bankroll challenge

We also run FREE weekly and monthly competitions where you can win everything form cash, discounted memberships and bonus bets straight into your chosen betting agent.  To take part in these competitions just head on over to the ProTipper website by clicking HERE, create an account and start tipping.

protipper multisports free competitions