🍾🍾💸$4,515 PROFIT OFF $100 WAGERS💸🍾🍾
Week two of April and we’re back upto our usual profits after a lower month of march. Doing a MASSIVE $4,515 in one week!!!

🏆Multisports main tips, Back at it again smashing out a HUUUUGE 24.89 UNITS PROFIT or $2,479 for the $100 wager. Half of this was made from our NRL TIPPER who has cemented himself as the #1 NRL TIPPER in Australia/The World. With NBA and NHL playoffs happening week 3 will be another big one to.

🐴Horse Racing…..what do I say here that I dont say every other week haha $1,503 PROFIT in 1 week! The stand out here isnt the profit but is the ROI, a MASSIVE 48.41% ROI thats $48.41 profit for every $100 you put in!!!

🐶Greyhound lays, back in the green this week. With a couple very profitable days which were let down by a few rough days also. Still profiting over all for the month and is killing it overall for the year!!

⚽️Euro Soccer while still managing to stick it in the green its much lower then the profits we’re use to. But, profits are profits and Euro Soccer is tracking well as our biggest money maker of 2017.

💸Hedging (risk free wagering) a very solid $273 made last week. The beauty of that is every dollar was made completly risk free. If I told you I could make you at least $270+ every week and all you had to do was sign up you would have to be a fool not to right? THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING 😛 haha

If you want more info on this just message the facebook page 😀 😀 Also ask them about the 100% GUARANTEE PROFIT OFFER 😉 😉
If you wish to sign up just message the guys on the facebook page
💰 www.facebook.com/MultiSportsAus/ 💰

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